Consulting Services

OPS has the combination to unlock the potential in your local market!  

With almost 15 years experience developing and deploying affinity programs for the real estate and relocation industry, we can give you the combination that unlocks the potential of your corporate marketing program.  

Our approach to program design and administration has a proven track record of success.  Our program enjoys a 54-72% conversion rate  on our lump sum/affinity real estate referrals.  

Eight crucial elements to consider when evaluating and deploying an affinity marketing program.  


Evaluate the Market – would a corporate marketing program work in your local market?  Do you have reliable data to make projections to determine if this is a viable market sector to pursue? 

OPS has historical data that will show you how the numbers will shake out.  This is what your leadership will need to see when assessing the merit of a corporate marketing program, and help you shape your program to ensure that your objectives are met.

step 4

Technology – how will your customers access the program, and how will you manage the referrals and continue to market to your data base. What are you technology options?

OPS can evaluate your current platform or service delivery method and make recommendations.  We also have developed a platform that can be purchased or licensed and delivered within 30 days

step 7

Business Development – how to open doors, what’s the value proposition to your corporate prospects, and how to speak their language.  

OPS can share sample proposals, white papers, presentations, brochures and flyers.  We have an agent corporate lead program mapped out to reward your agents for getting you in the door of a local business.


step 2

Program Planning –  create a business plan that identifies target markets, their needs, how to deliver your program and more.  Make sure you’re positioned correctly in this market.

 OPS has been through the planning phase many times and can give you the content buckets that you will need to deploy a successful program.  After all..."Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!"


step 5

Supplier Management – get the right suppliers and understand their side of the equation so that you can build a mutually beneficial relationship.

OPS can help you craft a service program that meets the needs of your market.  We can help recruit suppliers, or you can plug into our network who we’ve negotiated discounts and special services.



step 8

Client Relations – you’ve done all the hard work, now you have to talk to new clients about how best to market the program -  A.K.A “Building Awareness”.  

This is where the “rubber meets the road!”  Now you’ve spent the time and money to plant the apple trees, how do you get them to bear fruit.  It’s all about helping your clients build awareness for your program among their employee population.

step 3

Program Design – what services and incentives should be included, business rules, who does what, processes and procedures etc.  

OPS knows the questions to ask and will make recommendations based on your capabilities, culture and company objectives, saving you tons of time!





step 6

Program Administration – how to convert inquiries into revenue.  We offer a proven technique that greatly increases assignment conversions.  

OPS offers a proven method of administering this type of program that ensures higher conversion rates on real estate assignments then you would expect. OPS converts 60%-70% of all real estate assignments.  We can teach you how, or we can do it for you.