Program Management

You've got a corporate marketing program in place, but you don't have the staffing or focus to manage the program effectively.  

OPS can help!  We have a proven approach that converts 54% of all affinity real estate assignments, and 72% of all lump sum relocation real estate assignments! 


What's In The Box

Counseling & Service Assignment

High Touch - This is where the rubber-meets-the-road!   OPS has proven that a high-touch approach leads to significantly higher conversion rates for real estate assignments, and all other service assignments.  


Supplier Management

Build Relationships -  OPS will work with your preferred suppliers to fully promote their services, help them understand the unique opportunity, and how best to convert service assignments into revenue.


Marketing Campaigns

Building Awareness -  It takes time to build awareness among any employee population, but without it, you won't get any traction - A.K.A. usage.



Reporting and Analytics - OPS specializes in running the numbers,  and the numbers will tell a story on how well your program is doing.