Fast, Easy and Economical!

Technology Platform

For Brokers who need a web site to deliver their affinity marketing program. 

MarketPoint custom software provides a suite of products and services that deliver to your clients, a robust employee-wide discount or relocation program that can be delivered quickly, and within a reasonable budget.  It is made up of a technology platform that includes a program dashboard and the web site architecture that is highly customizable.  

Once you build your "master" web site, you can create an unlimited number of custom portals for your clients quickly and easily.

What's In The Box

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Build your “master” web site.  It has your branding and content, and includes every service, resource and functionality that you will be offering to your clients.  Features include:

  • Use your unique URL         
  • Customized branding and content                
  • Customize your service categories         
  • Post opinion polls and surveys                        
  • Post recent news announcements               
  • Library of educational articles         
  • Create additional pages               
  • Multiple service request capture points    
  • Service Request email notifications
  • Self-service vs. counselor driven
  • Content scheduling           


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Custom Client Portals

Included in the technology of your “master” web site, is the ability to offer a highly customized client portal.  Here are the details of what you can offer your affinity and relocation clients that will enhance your value proposition and improve their web site experience.  They add links to this portal on their company intranet for easy access for all employees!

  • Welcome page                              
  • Customize services             
  • Add client-specific benefits or services, each with their own web ad             
  • Create an “About Us” link                 
  • Provide three registration options
  • Employee account profiles                   
  • Post company specific news events
  • Post company specific polls                
  • Post company specific articles        

What are the pricing options?

We offer purchase or licensing options.

How long does it take to deliver our program?

Typically 30 -45 days from the time we receive approved graphics.

What are we paying for?

The web site architecture that will host your affinity program.

Can we use our own domain name?

Of course, and the web site will have your branding and content.  

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Administrative Dashboard

A password-protected, web-based administrative dashboard that helps you manage your web site, and provides a snapshot of what’s happening with your program:

  • Create client portals
  • Add new services categories and suppliers
  • Set up surveys and post new articles
  • View a snapshot of your program activity
  • Registration conversion ratios
  • Client lists
  • Registrations totals per month
  • Services requested, polls submitted, and a list of your participating suppliers.

Can OnePoint help us recruit the suppliers we need to round out our program?

Yes.  We have relationships with quality partners and have negotiated discounts and special offers already.  This will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to launch your new program.

Can we add our own suppliers?

Yes, for sure!  OnePoint will provide a worksheet that outlines all the information we need to add them to your web site.

What other products and services are available?

OPS can consult on all aspects of setting up your program, and can  help manage the day to day business if you don't have enough staff.  We also offer a referral management package to manage your program if you don't have something already in place like Lantrax or Relo Spec.